21.03.2012 20:40

Expeda Osteoporosis Adviser C-DSS in the global market

The Osteoporosis Adviser is a Web enabled Artificial Intelligence Expert System that provides trained medical professionals with expert knowledge regarding diagnoses, prevention and intervention of Osteoporosis. 

Expeda also offers to the global market a non-professional version of the Osteoporosis Adviser, intended for public use.
Both medical professionals (nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists, GP´s etc.) as well as any individual that is concerned with bone health can access the Osteoporosis Adviser via multiple channels. 
Expeda offers the Osteoporosis Adviser as a web service that is accessible via PC´s/Laptops, Smart Phones and Tablets.  All of Expeda’s products support the iOS, Android and Windows Mobile Operating Systems.  

Further information:  

Mr. Thorsteinn Geirsson, Managing Director, 
e-Mail: thor@expeda.is 
Skype: thorsteinn.geirsson
tel:(+354) 897-9148