25.11.2013 10:25

Expeda Osteoporosis Adviser presented on the World Congress on Controversies, Debates and Consensus in Bone, Muscle and Joint Diseases (BMJD) in Brussels, Belgium.

With the problem of bone, muscle & joint diseases reaching epidemiological dimensions, treatment possibilities have digressed diversely. This development has created a need for debates and discussions on the numerous controversial issues, and to attain clinical conclusions.

The 2nd edition of BMJD aimed to continue facilitating effective debate on unresolved clinical and therapeutic dilemmas, supported by evidence-based medicine and expert opinions resulting in agreement on timely issues.

The program provided an effective forum for discussing and debating such unresolved controversies, by allowing ample time for speaker-audience discussions with world authorities in the fields of Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Muscles and Joint Diseases.

BMJD Brussels, Belgium November 2013.pdfBMJD Brussels, Belgium November 2013.pdf